TensorFlow, an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning, has selected Quantiphi, an award-winning Applied AI and Big Data software and service company, as a Trusted Partner to deliver cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to solve complex business problems for enterprises.

Being TensorFlow’s trusted partner allows Quantiphi to implement cutting-edge AI/ML solutions across industry enterprises, leveraging TensorFlow’s latest innovations. As part of the TensorFlow Trusted Partners program, Quantiphi’s clients can stay ahead of the innovation curve in AI and ML as we are focused on

  • Extending the benefits of TensorFlow to enterprises,
  • Unlocking the potential to transform core business models, and
  • Creating new revenue streams.


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Quantiphi Advantage

Expertize in building AI/ML solutions

As one of the early adopters of the TensorFlow machine-learning framework, Quantiphi has delivered a wide variety of end-to-end ML workflows for mission-critical business applications.Through cutting-edge AI/ML, we make products smarter, customer experience frictionless, and processes autonomous while uncovering anomalies, threats, and risks that make your business safer.

Industry familiarity

Quantiphi understands the nature of data and industry constraints.For organizations that may involve using machine learning in resource-constrained environments like embedded and mobile applications, Quantiphi has used TensorFlow Lite’s model compression capabilities to achieve low inference latency without sacrificing model performance.

Delivering At-Scale

Quantiphi excels at leveraging the Tensorflow platform for developing end-to-end workflows that power ML driven applications at scale. From using TensorFlow’s expressive Symbolic and Imperative APIs for developing novel neural network architectures to authoring serving pipelines for large-scale workloads, Quantiphi is able to efficiently translate state-of-the-art research into production-ready solutions allowing businesses to harness the power of latest advances in AI and ML.

Case Studies

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Patient risk stratification and incentive linked reimbursement solutions

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