How do you generate personalized
apparel recommendation
like a mind reader?

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How do you use artificial intelligence
to expedite R&D?

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How do you provide the “Magic-wand”
proof-of-purchase experience?

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How do you build a domain
adapted speech transcription engine?

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How do distill the content of thousands
of news articles into a knowledge graph
to understand the impact of a global event?

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Advanced Solutions



Professional Services Organization

gcp reseller


Google Cloud Contact Center

Applied AI Solutions

Understand Visuals

Power to understand visuals

  • Visual Quality Inspection
  • Activity detection of customers from Video Streams
  • Planogram analysis- In-store merchandising
  • Advertisement Metadata generation

understand speech

Power to hear

  • Domain adapted specialty speech recognition
  • Emotion detection from audio spectrograms
  • Biometric Identification

Understanding natural language

Power to understand natural language

  • Question-Answering Chatbots from report, brochures, manuals etc
  • Sentiment Mining
  • Fake News Detection
  • Topic Modeling
  • Domain-specific Knowledge Graphs

Generate labeled data at scale

  • Synthetic data generation
  • Manual data generation
  • Transfer learning

Deploy model training and inference pipelines

  • Web deployment and integration
  • Model compression for deployment on edge devices (Android, iOS, Point of Sale systems)
  • Active learning and managed service support

Athenas Owl Channel Partnership


Athenas Owl

Quantiphi’s media analytics solution that delivers hi-def content meta tags, at scale.
Do more with your content. Using AI.

Machine Learning Technology Stack

Case Studies

Speech Recognition

Developing a domain-adapted Speech Recognition..

Virtual Testing Materials

Friction prediction for Materials using Machine Learning..

Visual Search Recommender

generate personalized apparel recommendation..

Natural Language Processing

Automated content feature extraction from episode’s..

Virtual Testing – Chemicals

Toxicity/Quality prediction using Deep learning..

NLP Knowledge Graph

Processing Natural language queries and delivering..

Computer Vision “Proof of Purchase”

Provide the “Magic-wand” proof-of-purchase experience..


Sales forecasting at daily daypart, 15 min level..

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