Artificial Intelligence

Power to understand what's happening in videos & image

Artificial Intelligence

Power to hear and understand language

Artificial Intelligence

Power to create art

Artificial Intelligence

Power to anticipate the future

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Video Intelligence

Our video intelligence models have the power to understand what is happening in videos. Our custom models can identify and tag different entities in a video at unprecedented speed and scale. Whether it is live sports, TV shows or Movies, we can tag granular features in your video content to help you create better content, promote brands and index content for better search, recommendation and discovery.

Computer Vision

Computers today have the power to ‘see’ and understand what is happening in pictures. Our models can help detect objects such as cars, zoom in on regions of interest such as brand impressions, read text through character recognition and describe a scene through image captioning at world class accuracy levels.

Natural Language Understanding

A majority of the classic  natural language processing techniques attempt to process text without understanding the meaning of words. Deep learning enables machines to overcome this problem by training large neural networks in an environment with similar objects, relationships, and dynamics as our own making these models far more powerful. Our Natural Language models go beyond the traditional topic and sentiment analysis and give you the ability to build custom chat-bots, fraud detection agents, auto response systems and other powerful natural language understanding systems at unprecedented accuracy levels.

Speech Recognition

While conversational speech recognition systems have largely reached human parity with Google Home and Alexa showing less than 6% word error rate, the same can not be said about domain specific speech which is typically laden with vernacular terminology and slang. Our domain specific speech recognition models overcome this problem through careful customization of acoustic and language components of the model pipeline to offer world class accuracy in domain specific speech. They also perform at near human levels in speech emotion detection and other specialized voice recognition tasks.

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