Grow Your Business

Business Intelligence for the Travel Industry

Tracks performance metrics real-time
Answers questions related to key business trends
Tracks booking, cancellations, agent and destination performances realtime
Provides hassle-free analytics, without taking away time on the street

Grow Business Paragraph

Quantra is an analytics platform, dedicated for the travel business. Quantra keeps humming in the background, allowing the travel agent be on the street. While the agent is focused on growing the business, Quantra keeps providing real time business critical insights when it is needed, at the place where it is needed.

Quantra Work

How does Quantra work for you

Quantra easily integrates with multiple data sources in your environment and provides custom-built dashboards. Management teams like yours work with us in co-creating a faster, better and cheaper MIS – leveraging Quantra’s strong architecture hosted on our fail-proof servers.

Key indicators
At the outset, Quantra gets you the numbers that you need on your finger tips
  • Growth metrics
  • Profitability ratios
  • Bookings analysis
  • Nightly rate analysis
  • Regional trends
Spend more time on reasoning – than just putting the data together.

Partner trends
Quantra helps you understand performance of your business associates
  • Agents
  • Suppliers
  • Destinations
  • Hotels
  • Sights and transfers
Before your next meeting, you will know exactly the analysis you need.

Inventory watch
Everytime a search on your platform returns “not available” you lose money.
  • Analyse stock outs
  • Identify shortfalls
  • XML analytics
  • Predict them
  • Prevent them
Grow you business, with better inventory planning and plug revenue leakage.

Quantra Architect

Quantra Architecture

Quantra Benefits

Quantra Benefits

Realtime analytics
You get the analytics as it happens. The system takes feeds on short intervals and updates the trends to the last transaction. You save time on data management and use it effectively for the analysis.

On the go
No need to log-in to a work station – Quantra is availabe on the mobile or smart device, with you all the time.

Predictive analytics
Learn what is going to happen, before it happens. Leverage our deep predictive analytics expertise for revenue forecasting, pro-active performance improvement.

Dedicated service
A dedicated Travel Analyst will be working with you, regularly providing business insights and industry research that can help you react better to trends.

data ingest
Quantra uplinks your in-house data as well as external data like social networks to its analytics engine.

Cutting edge
data analytics
The engine has the power and the intelligence to stitch the datasets together, and throw out actionable analysis about traveler trends.

The platform offers deep customisation capability – see the analytics, the way you want.