Financial Services

Financial Services

The client is a large brokerage house.  It publishes equity research on large and mid-cap listed companies in the Indian markets for investors.  The primary mode of delivering this research is by way of “pdf” documents.  These documents are made available to the clients by email (that contain hyperlinks to the reports) and through the client’s research portal.

There is rapid change in the readership behavior.  More readers than ever before are adopting to mobility while reading research material.  Readers are now smart-pad enabled which gives them the ability to interact with the content by way of touch.  The attention span of readers is shortening, so it is important for publishers to deliver content innovatively and maximize message delivery.

Quantiphi conceptualized, designed and developed a path-breaking publishing solution. It is a digital publishing platform designed to disrupt the current method in which research is delivered.

The solution will cause paradigm shift in the following ways

Real Time
The research will be made available on multiple devices – PC, mobile, smartpads.  The GUI of the application is responsive to the size of screen of the respective devices.

Targeted Customized Notifications
A native mobile app will enable the research house to push relevant content that is targeted to service every individual based on his or her reading preferences.

The report is now interactive in nature.  The user will have several drill-paths available to browse the reports as he or she ’taps’ on the various widgets available on the report dashboard.